Setting up VMware Cloud Flex Storage requires performing several tasks.

Task Description

View the pre-deployment checklist.

Prepare yourself and gather information for deploying VMware Cloud Flex Storage.

Request the VMware Cloud DR service.

Log in to VMware Cloud console and from your organization, request the VMware Cloud Flex Storage service.

Activate a storage region.

Activate a storage region in the same region where you have (or plan to deploy) VMware Cloud on AWS SDDCs. First time region activation must be done by an Organization Owner. For more information, see Roles and Permissions.

Create a subscription.

Create a term subscription for storage capacity in the AWS regions you want to activate. Or, you can choose to pay on demand, as you go.

Invite users to your organization.

Invite users to your organization and grant them roles to perform specific operations.

Manage storage region.

When you manage a storage region, you launch the VMware Cloud Flex Storage UI for that region.