Welcome to VMware Cloud Assembly™ documentation. Learn how to construct workload specifications as blueprints, make the blueprints available to business groups as projects, and deploy them to your cloud vendor resources.

Get started building your resource infrastructure. Create blueprints that support the needs of your consumers. Apply governance by using projects to link users with the infrastructure you want them to use. Follow the deployment process and then manage the resources.

Are you new to Cloud Assembly?

Cloud Assembly includes in-product user assistance.

  • Use the signpost help to learn about a setting.

  • Use the help panel to get more information about a feature or configuration process.

Ready to assemble and deploy workloads?

Take a look at these Cloud Assembly articles to get started.

Does Cloud Assembly work with other VMware Cloud services?

Cloud Assembly provides foundational services that you can use with VMware Service Broker and VMware Code Stream. You can learn more about working with VMware Service Broker and VMware Code Stream.

Where do I sign up for Cloud Assembly?

You can check out videos, get started with a free trial subscription, and explore other information at VMware Cloud Assembly.