Workflows receive input parameters and generate output parameters when they run.

Input Parameters

Input parameters are read-only variables. Most workflows require a certain set of input parameters to run. An input parameter is an argument that the workflow processes when it starts. The user, an application, another workflow, or an action passes input parameters to a workflow for the workflow to process when it starts.

For example, if a workflow resets a virtual machine, the workflow requires as an input parameter the name of the virtual machine.

To modify the value supplied by the workflow caller, or to read the information using an input parameter, copy the input parameter to an attribute.

Output Parameters

Output parameters are write-only variables. A workflow's output parameters represent the result from the workflow run. Output parameters can change when a workflow or a workflow element runs.

For example, if a workflow creates a snapshot of a virtual machine, the output parameter for the workflow is the resulting snapshot.

To read the value of a variable, use an attribute within the workflow. To pass the value of that attribute to the workflow caller, copy the attribute to an output parameter.