VMware Cloud™ on AWS Release Notes


Updated on: 6 October 2017

VMware Cloud on AWS | 6 OCT 2017 


What's New October 6, 2017

The October 6, 2017 release included the following fixes and new content:

  • The logical network plugin UI actions “Attach VMs” and “Detach VMs” were allowing virtual machine changes without the appropriate privileges.  A change was made to hide these actions from the plugin in the current release.
  • There were connectivity issues between VMware Cloud on AWS virtual machines and AWS Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) instances in the user’s linked virtual private cloud (VPC).  The problem was that logical network routes were not updated correctly to the cross VPC route table.  A fix was made to correctly update the route tables, enabling the connection.

What's New September 13, 2017

The September 13, 2017 release included the following fixes and new content:
  • During SDDC deployment, when HA was enabled on the cluster, the service was not considering some of the intermittent progress state of FDM and was bailing out prematurely as deployment failure. A fix was made to encompass all the intermediate FDM statuses and make SDDC deployment more robust.
  • The storage policy associated with Managements VMs was mutable and a customer could have inadvertently made changes impacting the compliance and behavior of management VMs. A change was made to make the storage policy associated with Management VMs to be immutable.
  • Hybrid Linked Mode (HLM) failed to accept a valid DN that included a hyphen from onPrem Active Directory. As a result, users were not able to configure HLM by adding the OnPrem Identity source. The fix allows using a DN with hyphen.
  • SDDC deployment has increased number of retries to provision and add hosts to the cluster to improve the deployment reliability.
  • A security fix related to SM2 shared parsing.


Known Issues

  • You are logged out of the vSphere Client when you attempt to delete a subscribed content library

    There is an issue in Content Library that can force a logout of an authenticated session.  The issue occurs when a user creates a Content Library (CL) and then subscribes it to another CL.  If the user subsequently attempts to delete the subscribed CL, a popup appears in the H5 vSphere Client that says, “Your vSphere client session is no longer authenticated.  Please login again” and the user is automatically logged out of the session.  The issue is caused by an existing problem with a vAPI rest endpoint.  A fix is coming soon.

    In the interim, the workaround is to create an additional, temporary Content Library (there is no need to populate with real content).  The user will then be able to delete any other Content Libraries in the vSphere Client without resulting in a forced logout.  This action may need to be repeated each time a user manually logs out and back into the vSphere Client.  The user will also need to create another temporary CL if neither the create nor the delete CL operation has been performed in the last 30 minutes.