The Adapter now instantiates Service Distribution Paths (SDP), also referred as service tunnels, in the MPLS topology. The SDP is the separator between the transport layer (label-switched path or LSP) and the service layer (Forwarder/ForwarderEndpoint/PseudoWire). The Adapter will show the relationships between the SDP, the LSPs, and the related service objects. In addition, SDP-related alarms will be correlated with relevant notifications.

In previous versions of the Adapter, SDP tunnels using GRE transport were modeled as Network Connections. Beginning with version 3.1, both GRE and MPLS transport SDP tunnels are now modeled in the LSP class. For SDP tunnel instances, the Description attribute identifies the transport type.

SDP tunnels may be distinguished from the other LSP class instances with the following display name convention: <Source Node> -> <Destination Node>/SDP-X (X represents the SDP ID).