You can show which branch reflectors are potentially available to a selected client.

About this task

The Potential Branch Reflector window lists the branch reflectors that can potentially serve a selected client, in the order defined by the Mirage IP detection and proximity algorithm. See Branch Reflector Matching Process. It also provides information about the branch reflector to which the CVD is currently connected.

Table 1. Potential Branch Reflectors Window Information



Serving column

Green V denotes the branch connector is currently selected for the CVD by the Mirage IP Selection and Proximity algorithm.

Connection Status icon

Branch reflector's connection status with the server, and whether the branch reflector is currently connected, disconnected, suspended, or resumed.

Connected Peers and Waiting Peers

See View Branch Reflector and Peer Client Information

Maximum Connections

Maximum connections to peer devices defined for the branch reflector. See Configure Specific Branch Reflector Values

Last Connection Time

A branch reflector's last connection time to the server.

The Show Branch Reflectors View button opens the Branch Reflectors window with the potential branch reflectors for the CVD filtered in. See View Branch Reflector and Peer Client Information.


  1. In the Mirage Management console tree, expand the Inventory node and select Assigned Devices.
  2. Right-click a CVD in the list and select Branch Reflector > Show Potential Branch Reflectors.