You can configure the date and time of the ESXi host manually. You can use the manual time configuration only after you stop synchronizing the time and date with NTP or PTP.

If you notice some significant clock skew between a host in your environment and the rest of the vSphere components, you might need to first manually set the time and date on the host before synchronizing it to an NTP server or PTP.


  • Verify that the NTP and the PTP configurations are not used on the host.


  1. In the vSphere Client home page, navigate to Home > Hosts and Clusters.
  2. Select a host.
  3. On the Configure tab, select System > Time Configuration.
  4. Click Manual Set-Up.

    The Manual time configuration dialog box appears.

  5. Enter a date and time and click OK.

    ESXi hosts use UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) and do not support changing time zones. In the vSphere Client, you see your local time as the current host time.