Use the following procedure to set up the Carbon Black Cloud sensor on a Citrix golden image virtual machine (VM).


  1. Create the golden image VM.
  2. Install the sensor on the golden image using the following command:
    msiexec.exe /q /i <Sensor Installer Path> /L*v msi.log COMPANY_CODE="XYZABC" CLI_USERS=<UserGroupSid> GROUP_NAME="<NAME Virtual Policy>"
    • For Windows sensors 3.7MR1, add the AUTO_REREGISTER_FOR_CITRIX=true parameter to the command line.
    • To establish a golden image-clone relationship with 3.8+ Windows sensors for Citrix VDIs, add both the AUTO_REREGISTER_FOR_CITRIX=true and AUTO_REREGISTER_FOR_VDI_CLONES=1 parameters to the command line.
    < Sensor Installer Path> : Replace this value with the location of the sensor MSI file; for example, c:\tmp\installer_win-64-
    CLI_USERS=UserGroupSid: This parameter on the golden image enables RepCLI usage on the clones. The value is the Security Identifier (SID) of the user account/group that will run the reregister now command on the clone.
    GROUP_NAME: Indicates the policy name that has the necessary exclusions and configurations to apply to the golden image.

    See Installing Windows Sensors on Endpoints and Windows Sensor Supported Commands. For more information about RepCLI, see Managing Sensors by using RepCLI in the User Guide.

  3. Complete an expedited background scan on the golden image to optimize clone performance.
    1. In the Carbon Black Cloud console, click Enforce > Policies, select the policy, and click the Sensor tab.
    2. Select the Run background scan option and select Expedited scanning.
    3. Click Save.
    4. You can track scan progress by running the repcli status command. The output will be similar to the following:
      General Info:
         Sensor Version[ - Sep 29 2021 - 20:34:38]
         Local Scanner Version[ - ]
         Disk Filter Version[]
         CbShared[104365] Policy[1269] FileAnalysis[386] Proto[548]
         Sensor State[Enabled]
         Details[LiveResponse:NoSession, LiveResponse:NoKillSwitch, LiveResponse:Disabled, SvcStable]
         ExternalIdentity[Not Available]
         Kernel File Filter[Connected]
         Background Scan [Complete]
         Total Files Processed[52581] Current Directory[None]
  4. Apply the clone policy to the golden image. For recommendations on clone policy settings, see Carbon Black Policy Setting Recommendations for Citrix Clones.
  5. Take a snapshot of the golden image.
    Note: Previously, the Carbon Black Cloud could automatically deregister golden image machines due to inactivity. The Carbon Black Cloud no longer leverages time-based deregistration for any VM that has a child.