Use this procedure to install sensors on VM workloads through the Carbon Black Cloud console. You can use the configuration file to specify the proxy server that a Carbon Black launcher and a Carbon Black sensor can use after the installation completes.


  • Make sure you have configured firewall correctly. For firewall information, see Configure a Firewall.
  • For details on the command line installation options, see Windows Sensor Supported Commands.
  • The only supported proxy connection for the Carbon Black launcher and the Carbon Black sensor is the unauthenticated HTTP tunneling proxy.
  • To obtain the Carbon Black launcher for Windows VMs with proxy support, install or upgrade VMware Tools to version 11.3.0 or later.


  1. Sign in to the Carbon Black Cloud console.
  2. On the navigation bar, select Inventory > VM Workloads.
  3. Click the Not Enabled tab and select eligible workloads.
    Eligible workloads are running a supported OS and have a correct version of the VMware Tools with the Carbon Black launcher.

    Screen showing workloads without sensors.

  4. Click the Take Action drop-down menu and select Install sensors.
  5. Select the sensor version to install.

    Install Sensor dialog box.

  6. Optional. Update the sensor configuration file with proxy settings.
    The configuration file tells both the Carbon Black sensor and the Carbon Black launcher what proxy to use.
    1. Click the Download a template link to use a sample configuration file. The company registration code and the Carbon Black Cloud URL are pre-populated in the template.
    2. Add the proxy server by specifying the server name and port number in the configuration file.
      HTTPS is not supported.
    3. Click Upload File to upload the sensor configuration file that contains command line installation options such as the proxy configuration information.
  7. Click Install.
    You see a Sensor installation submitted notification and the install status for the VM changes to In Progress.

    It takes up to 5 minutes for the installation to complete.


After the sensor installs, it appears on the Enabled tab.