You can define a mapping between subnet and a VLAN.

You can use this mapping for the following:
  • Enriching the information about the IP entities that are learned from physical to physical flows by adding the source and destination subnets and the Layer2 networks associated with the flow.
  • Planning the network topology based on the subnet and VLAN for physical addresses.


  1. Go to Settings > IP Properties and Subnets > Physical Subnets and VLANs.
    This page lists all the subnets and the associated VLAN IDs.
  2. Click Add to add the subnet and VLAN information.
  3. Click Submit.
  4. After defining the mapping information, you can only edit the VLAN ID that is associated with the subnet.You cannot change to the subnet CIDR associated with the VLAN ID. To edit a subnet associated with the VLAN ID, delete the subnet and create a new subnet VLAN mapping with the updated values.
    When the subnet-VLAN mapping information is updated, a new VLAN is created for the specified VLAN ID and the subnet information is associated with this VLAN.
  5. To delete the subnet-VLAN ID mapping, click Delete.
    Note: All VLAN creation, updation, and deletion operations does not happen immediately after the subnet and VLAN mappings are created. It takes some time for the changes to be propagated and the corresponding VLAN to be created or modified.