vSphere with Kubernetes Configuration and Management is updated regularly with new information and fixes as needed.

This table provides the update history of the vSphere with Kubernetes Configuration and Management.
Revision Description
15 SEPT 2022 Minor bug fixes.
29 JUL 2022 Clarified the statement about encryption of secrets in vSphere with Tanzu Security.
07 JUL 2022 Added a link to the VMware interoperability matrix for checking the compatibility between vCenter Server and NSX-T. See About vSphere with Tanzu Updates.
28 JUN 2022 Updated the vSphere with Tanzu shut down and start up topic with a link to the latest procedure. See Shut Down and Start Up the vSphere with Tanzu Workload Domain.
24 JUN 2022 Updated the vSphere Namespace creation procedure. See Create and Configure a vSphere Namespace.
03 JUN 2022
24 MAY 2022 Updated Creating ReadWriteMany Persistent Volumes in vSphere with Tanzu with a support statement for ReadWriteMany with Tanzu Kubernetes clusters.
20 MAY 2022 Updated the Guestbook example YAML by specifying redis:v6.0.5 for the redis-leader deployment. See Guestbook Example YAML Files.
13 MAY 2022
06 MAY 2022
21 APR 2022 Minor revisions.
18 APR 2022
15 APR 2022
28 MAR 2022 Added information about configuration an HTTP proxy in the vSphere with Tanzu environment. See Configuring HTTP Proxy Settings in vSphere with Tanzu.
18 MAR 2022 Fixed minor typos.
04 MAR 2022 Added troubleshooting topic for local content libraries. See Troubleshoot Local Content Library Errors.
28 FEB 2022
18 FEB 2022
11 FEB 2022
08 FEB 2022
04 FEB 2022
28 JAN 2022
17 DEC 2021 Updated the TKG 1.3.1 Extension prerequisite topic to describe how to edit the Kapp Controller configuration to add a proxy server. See Install the TKG Extensions Prerequisites.
10 DEC 2021
24 NOV 2021 Updated the documentation for configuring vSphere Networking and NSX Advanced Load Balancer for vSphere with Tanzu. See Configuring vSphere Networking and NSX Advanced Load Balancer for vSphere with Tanzu
05 NOV 2021 Added a link for installing TKG 1.4 Packages on Tanzu Kubernetes clusters provisioned by the Tanzu Kubernetes Grid Service. See Deploy TKG Packages on Tanzu Kubernetes Clusters.
29 OCT 2021
21 OCT 2021
08 OCT 2021
05 OCT 2021 Initial release.